History of Hilal

Recent Development within HC and Facts, why and how Global Sighting:

Muslims in the GTA and Canada have been growing at a tremendous pace. Over the past twenty years, many Muslims from a wide variety of countries have immigrated, bringing with them their religion, which exhibits the four main schools of thought (albeit with some cultural influence). The diversity of the GTA's Muslim community is an integral part of the congregations present in the various Masajids; this has compelled Masjid administrators to find a solution whereby all Muslims can start Ramadan and celebrate both Eids on the same day. With these needs in mind, several major Masajid, who are members of HC, have requested HC to lead the quest in finding such a solution by practising Global Sighting (Ittehadul Matalee).  Hence, the HC administration has created an Ulema Taskforce, consisting of Imams from the major Masajids, as well as those who have gained respect for their knowledge in this area. The Taskforce consists of thirty-two (32) individuals who are fully approved by HC and mandated by Maulana Kasim. They have been invited to a meeting and given the task to study and discuss this area, ultimately bringing the report to HC, who well then implement a plan accordingly. 
The Taskforce has met, debated and discussed several times. They have agreed to vote in order to reach a conclusion. Indeed, one of the meetings of the Taskforce addressed the issue of whether to move to the Global Sighting method or to remain with the current parameters. With a staggering majority vote (all but two), the Taskforce had decided to use the Global Sighting method. 
Subsequently, the Ulema discussed the guidelines to be implemented for the Global Sighting method. Maulana Asif Qasimi, after a long absence, attended this meeting as well; he expressed his opinion, stating that Global Sighting is problematic and tried to undo that hard work of the Taskforce. Specifically, he wanted to keep the original HC policy, but presented no credible Shari'a based argument. Thus, his opinion did not convince the Ulema.  At that point, Maulana Asif Qasimi left the meeting, but before doing so said that he will sit if needed, alone at Madinah Masjid. He also requested to be alerted by Maulana Kasim Ingar on the conclusion of the meeting.  

After Maulana Asif Qasimi left, the Taskforce decided that another meeting should be called, where all the members of the Taskforce come prepared with research regarding the guidelines to be implemented for the Global Sighting method. This meeting would be where the Taskforce finalised the method. In the meantime, Maulana Asif Qasami had convened a meeting at Madinah Masjid, which was attended by a few Alims and 2 to 3 representatives of a member organisation, 3 days before the Taskforce's final meeting. The vast majority of the Ulema from the Fiq Committee, the Ulema Taskforce and the HC administration were not invited. At this meeting Maulana Asif Qasami and the few attending Ulema unilaterally decided and passed a resolution to make Maulana Asif Qasami the Ameer, Br. Yunus Pandor the coordinator, and that Madinah Masjid will be the headquarter for all future HC meetings. All the work of the Ulema Taskforce (which was 6 months worth) would be considered useless, and HC would revert and remain to its original sighting method. This unilateral action is completely contrary to the philosophy of late Maulana Khalil. This is the foundational reason for the HC divide. 

The Ulema Taskforce meeting took place on September 24th, 2016, at Madinah Masjid. The following Ulema were present and voted in favour of Global Sighting:
(1) Mufti  Usman Patel,  (2) Maulana Zuber of Cambridge,  (3) Qari Mohamed Taher Desai, (4)  Maulana Asif Bana, (5)  Maulana  Arif  Desai, (6)  Maulana M Yusuf Patel,  (7) Maulana Kasim  Ingar,  (8)  Mufti Mohammed Aslam Kachhvi, (9)  Mufti  Yusuf  Panchbhaya,  (10)  Maulana Mohammad  Bodhania,  (11) Maulana Muhammad  Huzeifa  Patel,  (12)  Maulana  Shiraz Mohamed,  (13)  Maulana  Ibrahim  Chhiboo,  (14) Maulana Abdul Samad Mulla  and (15)  Mufti  Aslam Nakhuda. Out of the 14 of the Ulema that voted, 12 voted in favour of the Global Sighting method. sighting.  

On Sunday, March 19th, 2017, there was General Meeting of the Members of HC after Dhuhr Salah at Abu Bakr Masjid. The following Members were present, all of who have agreed to the Global Sighting method:  
  1.  Agincourt Muslim Association Represented by  Maulana Salim Chayhan. 
  2.  Islamic Society of Ajax, Represented by Br. Waqas Syed,  
  3.  Whitby Masjid, Represented by Br. Faisal Suleman and Br Azim Khan, 
  4.  Masjid Bilal Represented by Maulana Mushtaq Shaikh 
  5.  Makki Masjid ( Islamic Society of Peel) Represented by Br Yusuf Shaikh, 
  6.  Masjid-ut-Taqwa Represented by Syed Mubarak and Maulana Zakariya Patel, 
  7.  Jame Masjid Mississauga Represented by Br. Basir Mohammed, Br. Shahed Siddiquei and Maulana Nafis Bhayat 
  8.  Islamic Center Oshawa Represented by Br. Siraj Patel, Zubair Patel and Qari Shakir Pandor 
  9.  WEI Center Mississauga represented  by Mohseen Sidat 
  10.  AKM Masjid Omar Farooq Represented by Br. Sufyan Sidat and Gousul Hassa 
  11.  Markham Muslim Association Represented by Br. Ismail Bhayat and Br Ismail Chawala 
  12.  Islamic Society of Markham Represented by  Mufti Zeeshan Kasimuddin, Br Mujaid Ansari and Mr, Ehsan Khan 
  13.  Masjid Darul Iman Represented by Maulana Arif Desai, Br Naseer Ahmed Br Najmul Siddiqui 
  14.  Pickering Islamic Center ( Masjid Usman) Represented by  Br Kazim Kureshi, Br. Mohammed E Rahim, Br Sadiq Vaid and br Javed Saleem 
  15.  Masjid Al Jannah Represented by Br Shiraz  Mohideen, Br J Saleem and Br Siddeek Mahmood 
  16.  Islamic Society of Toronto, Represented by  Maulana Muhammed Bodhania, Br Soeb Parekh and Br Abdul Jogiyat 
  17.  Darul Khair Center ( Stoufville)  Represented by Br Syed Vaqar Ahmed 
  18.  Scarborough Muslim Association (jame Abu Bakr Siddique) Represented by Br Abdulhai Patel, Br Saleh Hafejee Maulana Kasim Ingar, Br Shabbir Kika 
  19.  Masjid El Noor Represented by Br Shaikh Munaf and Mufti Ibrahim Kureshi 
  20.  45 Musalla Represented by Shabbir Bulbulia and Br Ismail Hafejee 
  21.  Anjman E Anwarul Islam of Malton ( Malton Masjid) Represented by Br. Sadiq Ganagt, Br Usman Patel Maulana Zakaria Desai, 
  22.  Br. Aref Varachhia 
  23.  Tariq Masjid Represented by Br Rakis Khan 
  24.  Durham Islamic Center Represented by Br Khalid Khan and Br. Arshad Ali 
  25.  Darul Khair Islamic Center Represented by Br. Aleemuddin Syed