About Us

Mission Statement:

“Serving Muslims in establishing Islamic Lunar calendar dates and festivities guided by accredited Fiqh Ulama and scientific knowledge aiming towards strengthening greater unity”

Welcome to the official website of the Hilal Council of Canada formally know as Hilal Committee of Metropolitan Toronto & Vicinity.

The Hilal Committee of Metropolitan Toronto & Vicinity was established in the early 1970's by the most senior and renowned scholar of the time of Toronto namely Sh. Khalil Sufi.  He, Sh. Khalil Sufi, served as Ameer /  the chair  until his departure from this world. He has appointed a Fiq Committee  consisting of Ulema of the time which kept on revising guidelines and procedures as and when needed.  He also has had appointed three (3) Deputy Ameers during his last few years before his death.   He also has had appointed three (3) coordinators from non Ulema who could help with administration.

Since his death, Ameer's position was vacant and three deputy Ameers were acting as Ameers as and when needed. 

The Hilal Committee was needed to establish in order to serve  Muslims in a unified way from within Sharia guide lines as depicted in Qur'an and Sunnah with respect to beginning of Islamic months and Islamic holidays – namely Ramadan and the two (2) Eiden.

As time passed, different Imams, scholars and representatives from the various mosques (masajid) throughout GTA, and Canada have joined and continue to join the Hilal Committee to determine the Islamic calendar through the sighting of the moon from within the defined parameters which had changed few times during late  Sh. Khalil's time to meet the needs of Muslims in accordance with Quran and Sunnah.

Late Sh. Khalil RA in his wisdom within Sharia boundary, has changed the geographical Parameters or zone to take the Shahadah for sighting of the Moon and using Scientific data as guide.  During his time the said parameter was never fixed forever, it was expanded and also contracted from time to time to make it more convenient and practical for Ummah to follow thus keeping larger unity and ease in mind.  

Current Administration:

Chair (Ameer): Imam Maulana Qasim Ingar

Deputy Chairs: Dr. Muhammad Iqbal Al-Nadvi

Religious Affairs: Maulana Kasim  Ingar,  Maulana Mohammed Bodhania and Maulana Nafis Bhayat.

Coordinators: Mawlana Shakir Pandor and Mufti Abdul Mannan Mulla

Astronomy Experts: TBA

Membership: Islamic Centers, Masajid across Canada and Islamic Scholars

Affiliation: Hilal Committees in various provinces and states in North America & the Caribbean.